Welcome to Divorcing Divas.

Divorcing Divas provides encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to people going through the difficult process of divorce.  Through support, education, resources and guidance, we show divorcees that they can move forward with confidence in their lives.

It is not the end….it is the beginning!

That phrase has been one of the guiding principles of Divorcing Divas for several years.  Life transitions are a time of profound change for people and one of the many goals of this organization is to provide you with inspiration, ideas and a community of people who are experiencing similar transitions.

It is not our intention to advocate for divorce, but in some cases divorce is the right decision.  Divorcing Divas is here to provide you with the legal, financial, emotional and educational resources to help you and your family in making the right choices.

JSM_5076My name is Lisa Byrne and I am the owner of Divorcing Divas.  I am a CDFA™ (certified divorce financial analyst) and I focus my business on individuals going through this difficult process.  Divorce can make you feel powerless and unsure of what to do next. The journey may takes years if you include the time you are contemplating divorce to the time when you are ready to move forward after divorce.

This year’s conference will cover the divorce process with topics that are relevant to Before, During and After Divorce .  Each phase of the divorce transition offers you new opportunities and of course new challenges.  The 2016 conference will include topics on high conflict divorce solutions; co-parenting classes;  occupational assessments and career coaching; entrepreneurial business ideas; how to travel alone; and plenty of opportunities to meet other women and network.

When women find Divorcing Divas I want  them to feel empowered and emboldened with the information we provide.  Divorcing Divas is more than just a one-day conference, it is a community of people who are here to support you along this journey.  We are a resource of Trusted Advisors that can offer you guidance during this transition.

We offer a day long conference;  Meet-Ups; and a monthly divorce workshop called Second Saturday.  Each time you leave a Divorcing Divas event;  when you read one of our newsletters or blogs;  you will  have new friends;  new resources and a list of  trusted professionals to call on for advice.  Most importantly, you will leave with confidence in your power to create a new life for yourself.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you,

Lisa Byrne