• 8:00  –  Registration and Vendor Booths
  • 9:00  –  Continental Breakfast and Opening Remarks with Donna Valentine of MyTalk1071
  • 10:00  –  Breakout 1
  • 11:00  –  Breakout 2
  • 12:15  –  Lunch and Keynote with Suzanne Grandchamp
  • 1:45  –  Breakout 3
  • 2:45  –  Breakout 4
  • 4:00  –  Cocktail Hour

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Divorce Wisely: How to better guide the process of divorce for you, your family, and your future  |  Suzanne Grandchamp, Grandchamp and Guyette

Marriages End. Families Don’t. Divorce Wisely. The essential handbook for navigating the process of divorce., is not only an award-winning book, but also an evolutionary approach that recognizes the continuity of the family relationship past its legal reconstruction and the choices each person makes that will have lasting effects.

The way you choose to “show up”, both during and after the transition called divorce will affect you, your relationships, and your future. What will your attitude be? Will you be able to make informed, well-reasoned decisions that reflect your values and preferences? How will you prepare for your new life after the divorce is concluded?

Like most things in life, this transition can be done well, or it can be done poorly. You can choose to do it well. You can choose to divorce wisely.


Breakout #1

10:00am - 10:45am

Let’s Hit the Refresh Button: Tackling Estate Planning Issues Post-Divorce

Speaker: Karen A. Schlotthauer, Attorney Lommen Abdo, P.A.

It’s time for a change, so let’s take a fresh look at your estate plan. We’ll review the essential tools of your estate plan in light of your new circumstances:

Wills | Trusts | Powers of Attorney | Health Care Directives | Beneficiary Designations | HIPAA Authorizations | Asset Ownership
| Planning for Minor Children - Who should act as guardian? Asset management decisions; Special needs issues | Choosing New Decision Makers | Impact of Your Divorce Decree/Settlement Agreement | Estate and Gift Tax Implications | Probate and How It Impacts Your Family | Digital Asset Management | Future Planning: Prenuptial Agreements

Join the discussion to get organized and prepare for the future as you embark on your new life post-divorce.

How to hire an excellent divorce attorney and wisely navigate the legal process

Speaker: Suzanne Grandchamp

The choice you make in selecting a divorce process, just as with your choice of attorney, are personal, dependent on your situation, and have the potential of stirring up animosity or deescalating tough situations. Suzanne will give an overview of a range of divorce process options - including the kitchen table approach, Collaborative Law, cooperative law, mediation, arbitration, and litigation – and key questions to ask and qualities to look for in an excellent divorce attorney. These two decisions, your attorney and your divorce process, are crucial. Gather the information you need here to make the best choice.

Don’t Be a Damsel in Distress – Use Your Superwoman Powers to Understand the Financial and Tax Implications of Your Divorce

Speaker: Chris Riley CPA and Anne Ledwein, CPA, CBIZ

Now is the time to get a better understanding of your taxes and finances. Regardless of your involvement in the past, this session will give you information to better understand your situation and the changes to expect when it comes to filing your taxes. The presentation will start off with an explanation of your need to be aware of your current financial position and why it is important to ensure that the financial experts have the right information to articulate your case. The second half of the presentation will go over the unique tax issues to consider when going through a divorce, including filing status, dependency deductions, and the tax implications of child support, retirement plans, alimony, property settlements, and much more.

Dividing the Dollars – How to be prepared for Divorce

Speaker: Lisa Byrne, UBS Financial Services

Preparation is key when preparing for divorce. It will not only save you time and money it will help you calm your anxiety over the unknown. One of your first requirements will be to prepare an asset and liability statement and a budget. Learn the key steps in the process from certified divorce financial analyst Lisa Byrne.

Breakout #2

11:00am - 11:45am

Divided Parents, Whole Kids

Speaker: Erin Kassebaum, Divorce Resolution Services

It’s normal for divorcing parents to worry how their divorce will affect their children. The good news is that parents who “divorce right” are only minimally impacted by their parents’ divorce. Attend Divided Parents, Whole Kids to learn what this means and how to keep your kids first during and after divorce, even if you feel like the other parent is working against you.

Divided Parents, Whole Kids will provide practical co-parenting strategies, including how to avoid common mistakes separated parents make and reduce the impact of conflict on your children. This class can benefit you whether you are just beginning to think about separation, or have been living apart for years.

Top 10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid While Divorcing

Speaker: Lisa Byrne, UBS Financial Services

When the divorce is final it's too late to make changes to the financial distribution. Make sure you understand all the options and avoid making costly mistakes. Certified financial divorce analyst Lisa Byrne will walk you through the steps and help you prepare for your financial future.

Let Your Light Shine: Career Transition Planning for Divorcing Divas

Speaker:Abigail Barrett and Kim Bartels, Leadership Transitions, Inc.

Whether you are returning to the workforce after a time away, or have new goals
for maximizing your existing career potential, this breakout session will help you:

 Identify your career and job goals
 Plan a step-by- step approach to finding the right work for you
 Identify your skills and offerings to prospective employers
 Build confidence in your talents and contributions

Come for a lively discussion, leave empowered to take action!

What happens to the house?

Speaker: Kamee Cole, Keller Williams Premier Realty

When you’re divorcing, one of the questions curious family and friends usually ask is, “So ….are you going to keep the house?” Whether you’re contemplating divorce, in the middle of one – there are many things to consider at each stage in order to maximize the value of your home. If you’ve finalized your divorce – there are things to consider as well such as buying vs renting for your next place to live.

If your kitchen is circa 1977 – would it make sense to update it with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops? How best to stage your home so it doesn’t sit on the market day after day after day? What do you do with the kids and pets during showings and open houses? Now you need to find a new home – will you be buying or renting? To get these questions answered and more – please stop by my break-out session. There will also be time at the end to answer any other questions you may have.

Breakout #3

1:45pm - 2:30pm

Should you stay or should you go? Navigating the steps to rebuild your nest.

Speaker: Jody L. Kern, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

You have options. Which option is for you and your situation? Let’s talk strategy. About you. And for you.

Constructing a New Plan for Dealing with Difficult People

Speaker: Suzanne Grandchamp, Grandchamp and Guyette

Need a new blueprint for dealing with a narcissist, alcoholic, bully or someone whose behavior just makes you want to pull your hair out? Learn strategies for dealing with difficult personalities through this dynamic breakout session with Suzanne Grandchamp and with special guest, expert coach/ therapist, Maren Beckman.

CareerCode: Know Your Code, Find Your Fit

Speaker:  Jan Lowe and Kathryn Johnson, Career Code

Have fun learning about yourself, today’s job market, and how this can help you with education, career, and life planning. Know your purpose, develop a plan, and realize your potential through work place exploration using your CareerCode.

What is your CareerCode and what does it mean? Why is it important? How can you use CareerCode to navigate the world of work for yourself and other family members?

Participants will be provided with a copy of the CareerCode book to use as a reference after leaving the workshop.

The Journey from Lost Dreams to New Possibilities

Speaker: Emilee Rodriguez MA, LMFT and Jordan Hart PhD, Traverse Counseling & Consulting

The divorce process involves many large and small changes, which can be filled with contradictory emotions. The dreams we hold for our “happily ever after” can seem lost or broken. Join us in exploring the challenges of finding balance and resetting your heart, mind, and dreams as you are transforming your relationships, life, and self. Jordan and Emilee will share common pitfalls that arise for women both before, during, and after divorce and constructive strategies for reaching new possibilities. You will gain practical steps to take care of yourself as you are transforming your life and dreams.

Breakout #4

2:45pm - 3:30pm

Collaborative Law 101: What is this process and How to determine if it is right for you.

Speaker: Rebecca Guyette, Grandchamp & Guyette, PLLC

You can divorce with dignity and respect – and stay out of court. Learn from Family law attorney, mediator, and Collaborative Law practitioner, Rebecca Guyette, as she tells about the roots of Collaborative Law in Minnesota, defines how Collaborative Law is used within the divorce process, and shares the benefits and drawbacks of this process. While Collaborative Law is not right for everyone, it could be a positive and cost-effective choice for your situation.

Protecting Your Dreams, One Policy At A Time

Speaker: Pam McCarthy, American Family Insurance

Pam will be discussing Auto and Home Insurance basics. Come to this session to learn what questions you should ask your agent before you sign that application.
Pam will also help break down the auto/home insurance coverages to help you make better decisions based on your needs.

How to Manage Your Car Buying and Servicing Experience

Speaker:  Michael Stanzak, Key Cadillac

Michael will walk participants through the following:

- Being Prepared
- Advantages of leasing/financing
- Advantages of new/used
- Certification and extended warranties are they worth the price
- Value of trade in pros/cons of selling trade on your own
- Negotiating
- Servicing & maintaining your car
- Questions

How to Create Your Own Business Network

Speaker:  Shannon Johnson, Encourage Her Network

Walk away from this workshop with actionable steps to begin creating and expanding your network of influence. We will discuss networking tips and strategies for successful connecting. Ever thought, “Why do I need to create a business network?” Do you have an established network already but don’t have the time to leverage your existing connections? What happens when a relationship goes bad? This workshop is designed for individuals who want to create strong business networks. Shannon will encourage you to begin creating your own business network, whether you own a business or not. Join us for this fun interactive workshop to create meaningful relationships with the right people for the right reasons. In seasons of transition, one of the best things that you can do is to invest in yourself and surround yourself with people who can support, encourage and uplift you. Let’s get started!